Thursday, 7 July 2011

Walking Dead Embroidery - FINISHED!

I am so chuffed ('chuffed' - not said that for years!) that I have finally finished my secret project; a 3 month labour of love as a gift for my fiance (not to mention an homage to the awesomeness that is Robert Kirkmans' Graphic Novel series - 'The Walking Dead') I love the novels and I love the AMC televison series (and those who know me well know generally I kind of love zombies!) It was my fiance, Hans, who introduced  me to The Walking Dead. As soon as the next installment is published it's delivered here, and I wait patiently for Hans to finish with it so I can read it after him (putting whatever book I happen to be reading at the time on hold - priorities, you know?)

Anyhooo, for Hans' birthday this year I thought I'd make him something myself. I've done a couple of embroidery pieces for people before and they've gone down well, so after deciding to make one for Hans I started to look at the art for TWD. The artist(s) for the graphic series are the hugely talented Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn, and earlier in the series Tony Moore - and I decided I'd like to try embroidering a piece of the art. This is the result (including an example of the original artwork which is NOT in ANY way mine! (I wish!) I think you can click on the images to see bigger versions:

. Used different amounts of black strands to achieve shading.

Used my pinky finger to demostrate how tiny the stitches were!

Comparison to the insanely awesome original artwork.

Face(?) close up

So.... finally done. It has taken me 3 months (which isn't bad, my friends' wedding gift was ready 18 months after the special day!) Hans liked it, I am glad! Going to get it framed for him too.

It was pretty fun to work on (if a little frustrating at some parts). I did it at home, at the gym, in coffee shops - which was incredibly funny when a little old dear looks at what you are sewing and gets a shock! 

Whew! x

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